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Augmented reality app links offline and online without QR codes

Publishing & Media

Blippar is an image recognition app that can link printed media to interactive online content without a QR code.

Is the end nigh for the QR code? We’ve seen it put to good use in countless innovative projects over the years, but just recently we’re seeing a drift towards technology that can produce similar results without the codes. Capturio is a good example of that shift, and now Blippar is creating augmented reality effects from printed images without any need for activation from a QR code. Blippar launched in August this year and has already secured partnerships in the UK with Tesco’s, Cadburys and the Metro newspaper. Users of the app simply scan a Blippar image — identifiable by a small Blippar logo — with their iPhone, iPad or Android device, and a version of that image will appear on their screen with an augmented reality 3D overlay. They can then snap a photo of this “blipp” to send to friends over Facebook, Twitter or email, or interact with the 3D overlay by clicking through to new content. Because the app only needs to recognize the Blippar-enabled printed image to function, there is no need for any QR codes. An example of a Blippar powered Tesco campaign that ran in UK newspapers can be seen in the video below: Available now from the App Store and on Android, Blippar are currently accepting suggestions for future projects involving their image recognition technology. With the app offering printed media producers a chance to digitize more seamlessly than ever before, is this one to get involved in?



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