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AR driving course | Photo source Alex Knight on Unsplash

Virtual reality training programme helps improve road safety


Virtual reality videos teach drivers road safety

Spotted: UK and Hungary-based FrancisKodak Design Lab has created a virtual reality (VR) immersion safety course for drivers. The product, Another Set of Eyes (ANET360), combines traditional driver training methods with VR to teach better safety skills. It is the latest example of using total immersion technology to improve learning retention.

ANET360 puts students in real-life situations and hypothetical scenarios. Once hooked into the headset, the student is immersed in a 360-degree experience. The training course is based on situations every driver faces. It can also be tailored to client demands. The programme has improved driver reaction time by 20 percent and reduced training costs by 50 percent.

The programme also uses machine learning, which allows it to record user reactions across an unlimited number of scenarios. Once analysed, the information can provide valuable insight into human decision-making and reactions in various situations. The knowledge will help improve road safety, the company says.

ANET360 is the first accredited VR hazard awareness training programme under the Transport for London and Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) in the UK.




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