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Aussie buzz-thru

Mobility & Transport

No other substance screams WAKE UP as effortlessly as coffee. Australian company Muzz Buzz has capitalised on the realisation that people want their coffee to be quick, convenient and satisfying. At Muzz Buzz, all consumers need to do is drive thru. After all, in-transit consumption is designed with one purpose – saving time. Craig Muzeroll, founder of Muzz Buzz, identified a gap in the Australian market and decided he wanted to give Australians a reason for getting out of bed in the morning. That reason became Muzz Buzz, a growing franchise drive-thru coffee chain which offers quality coffee at a reasonable price and convenient (high traffic flow) locations. Premium coffee beans and unique Muzz Buzz flavours tempt consumers’ tastebuds and since inception the Muzz Buzz menu has expanded to include convenient-to-eat-while-driving food. (Let’s just hope the government doesn’t ban drivers from eating and drinking while driving…) The drive-thru coffee franchise is not an entirely novel concept – Starbucks opened its first drive-thru in Southern California in 1994, and small, drive-by coffee shacks exist in many parts of the world. But it’s not hard to identify the potential of drive-thrus in a speed and coffee-crazed world. Franchise opportunities for Muzz Buzz are currently available in Australia and New Zealand, and for similar ventures elsewhere check out Java Joz and Bear creek Coffee.



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