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In Australia, electric vehicles charged for a dollar a day

Mobility & Transport

Energy supplier AGL is offering electric vehicle owners all-you-can-eat home charging for only AUD 1 per day.

From November 2016, Australian energy company AGL will provide owners of any brand of electric vehicle as much home charging as needed for AUD 1 per day. If anyone wanting to sign up to the deal doesn’t have a home charger or smart meter, AGL will supply them for a fee. Take-up of the offer will be fully carbon offset, with the company planning to invest in tree-related projects.

The AUD 365 fee for a year’s worth of electric vehicle charging is a bargain when compared to the average annual petrol cost of approximately AUD 17,000. We’ve seen a number of incentives that encourage the use of electric vehicles, from selling excess energy back to the national grid to wireless charging on motorways.

How else could incentives encourage the use of renewable energy?



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