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Australian nanosatellites will let farmers track water levels on smartphones

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Nanosatellites promise farmers in remote locations access to real time data

Spotted: Australia-based tech startup, Myriota, has announced its small satellites will provide farmers with real-time information on their water supplies. The technology will allow farmers in Australia’s outback to monitor water use and supply from their mobile phones, the company says. This is the first commercial use of the company’s low orbit system. The loaf-of-bread size satellites (known as nanosatellites) collect data from web-connected devices.

Smart sensors, using Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, send data up to satellites. The satellites collect the information, analyse it and send it back to users based on their needs.

Myriota has partnered with Davey Water Products to provide the service. It will be commercially available in the second half of this year.

Myriota says its technology makes IoT access inexpensive for clients who need small quantities of specific data in real-time. The company plans to expand its commercial offerings in 2019.

Myriota has raised €13.5 million through a Series A funding round, including funding from Boeing HorizonX Ventures.




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