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Auto shops by the hour

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French O'garage offers car enthusiasts professionally equipped garages, for rent by the hour, or even half an hour.

Plenty of consumers around the world enjoy tinkering with their cars*, preferably surrounded by professional looking tools and equipment, in a state- of the art garage/auto shop. But few urbanites actually own a garage, and suburbanites who do, often don’t invest tens of thousands of dollars, euros, or pounds in garage equipment like bench lifts, transmission jacks and wheel balancers. (*Talk about conflicting trends: domestic outsourcing is more popular than ever, yet at the same time consumers are DIY-ing like there’s no tomorrow: as a hobby or to save money. For every trend, there’s an anti-trend!) To the rescue comes French O’garage, offering these varied audiences the best of both worlds: professionally equipped auto repair shops, for rent by the hour, or even half an hour. Including a bridge, if needed. Prices start as low as EUR 10 (GBP 7/USD 12) per hour, and O’garage even offers courses, sandwiches, and shower facilities to clean up after particularly messy jobs. A nice extension of activities and services if you’re in the repair business? Inspiration to add extensive DIY services to your portfolio, regardless of what industry you’re in? Giving your customers the DIY experience (and thus empowerment) they crave? Or just helping them to make ends meet, bypassing super-expensive professionals? Not to mention an opportunity to let consumers truly try out (tryvertising!) your products in a controlled yet relevant setting? It doesn’t need to be broke to be fixed!


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