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Fully automated apartment lets users live like The Jetsons

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Brain of Things is creating apartments that are purpose-built for IoT devices and appliances.

Connecting up devices in the smart home, from lights to blinds and music players is nothing new, but now a startup is looking to construct entire homes that are purpose-built to be fully automated for the Internet of Things. California-based Brain of Things believes fully automated “robot homes” could be the future of living.

The company’s smart home has Internet of Things systems fully integrated into it, such as curtains that learn the wake up pattern of residents, kettles that start brewing hot water once users are out of bed, and lights that instantly turn off when residents are out of the house. Each home is equipped with 20 sensors, enabling it to automate almost anything — it can automatically tell users when packages are delivered, or dispense food for pets.

Many of these ideas have been seen before, such as one home control system using facial recognition to complete a number of tasks around the house, but this is the first time such ideas are being integrated into a purpose-built house.

The startup has launched several such homes in Santa Rosa, California. Though the homes are an attractive ideal, it is perhaps unattainable for many millennials renting in cities. Could smart home features be packaged as an entire product for those who don’t own the property they’re living in?



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