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Autonomous robot

Autonomous robot and drone act as mobile surveillance unit


The O-R3 combines an autonomous security vehicle and a surveillance drone to create a technological security team.

Singapore-based Otsaw Digital has created the ultimate security team without the need for endless interviews – because they are robotic. The O-R3 consists of an autonomous four-wheeled mini robotic ‘car’ and a partner surveillance drone. Powered by an advanced machine learning algorithm and 3D SLAM technology, the O-R3 navigates its surroundings with built-in intuitive reactions. The O-R3 detects anomalies, avoids obstacles, and self-charges when its battery runs low.

The robot has a number of cameras that each serves a specific function, such as thermal imaging, facial and license plate recognition, and stereo photography. It is equipped with multiple 2D and 3D laser scanners, IMU and ultrasonic sensors, GPS and long-range data transmitters, all contributing to crucial data collection.

The partner surveillance drone captures data the ground-based robot cannot, feeding back to the fleet control centre. A human security team oversees the centre as it functions as the central communication system where all alerts created by O-R3 are received. With real-time alerts from O-R3 displayed visually on the dashboard, human security personnel are able to act instantly to prevent or stop crime and humans are always in control. O-R3 is expected to be deployed to the streets of Dubai by the end of the year.

The uses of drones for more than recreational fun has soared in the past 12 months, with drones being used to observe wild animals to protect them from poachers and even to create public murals. How would you use a drone to assist your day to day?




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