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Stock check robot roams supermarkets aisles


Tally is a cloud-based, autonomous robot designed to roam through retail spaces, ensuring that shelves are fully stocked

As robots become more affordable, the threat of them taking over certain human occupations becomes more real. But the most positive applications of robotic technology occur when machines take over the mundane, repetitive tasks, enabling employees to concentrate on customer service and human interaction. We’ve already seen such innovations in the healthtech industry, and now Tally is robot that could do the same for retail.


Tally is an autonomous robot made by San Francisco-based Simbe Robotics. The device is designed to roam the aisles of supermarkets ensuring that shelves are fully stocked. It comes equipped with sensors that can capture data about shelf status — noting any low-stock, out of stock or misplaced items. It then sends the data to a cloud and creates recommendations for the retailer, which they can access via a companion app.

Tally can move around the store during working hours, using sensors to avoid staff and customers. It automatically returns to a charging dock when its batteries are running low. Simbe is currently undertaking a pilot program in partnership with various US supermarkets. Are there any other menial retail tasks that could be performed by Tally?



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