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Business card promotes 'buy one, give one' generosity

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Regular Springwise readers may recall B1G1, the site that enables myriad “buy one, give one” efforts through what it calls a transaction-based giving engine. Just recently the Singapore-based site added a new offering: “the world’s first giving business card.” B1G1’s business members can now access the graphics and activation-tracking system from the site’s standard giving vouchers. So, to make their own giving business card, all they need do is download the graphics file and use it in the printing of their cards, which serve also as a USD 1 voucher on the site. Text on the cards then invites recipients to redeem that voucher on the B1G1 site; as they do, B1G1 notifies the card-giver so that he or she can write directly to thank that new contact. What’s better than run-of-the-mill corporate generosity? A way to proclaim it to the world while inspiring others to do likewise. One to try out on your own business contacts…?



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