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Baby paintings marketplace transforms doodles into personalized modern art to raise money for charity

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Australia-based Jellybeanstreet enables parents to create large scale replicas of their baby's art, modify it and sell it to friends and family to support children's charities.

There are already numerous platforms that enable consumers to customize or personalize a work of art before they buy it. But how about combining the two, while raising money for a social cause? Australia-based Jellybeanstreet aims to do just that, allowing parents to create large scale replicas of their baby’s art, modify it and sell it to friends and family to support children’s charities. It’s one thing to celebrate kids’ achievements by putting their latest drawing on the fridge, but parents using Jellybeanstreet can scan the artwork and upload it onto to the site, before using the provided tools to crop, rotate and even alter the color of the final piece. Users can then get the image printed on high quality canvasses to hang in their living room – based on the premise that a lot of abstract modern art isn’t too much of a step away from kid’s doodles. Once a print has been purchased, Jellybeanstreet makes the piece available for friends and family to buy. For every purchase, 20 percent is taken by Jellybeanstreet, 40 percent goes back to the child artist and their parent or guardian and a further 40 percent is donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Jellybeanstreet helps parents purchase personalized artwork for their home and celebrate their child’s talent, while also earning money to potentially put towards their kid’s future – and the future of children in need. Are there other ways to marry multiple disparate ventures into one coherent business model? Spotted by: Marisa Tassone



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