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Baby clothes rental service

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Since newborns grow out of a clothing size every month or so in the first half year of their lives, German Lütte-Leihen came up with a solution: a layette rental service for a fixed fee per month. Parents can choose from different sets of onesies, pyjamas and outerwear. The clothes are delivered by post (or by hand to Hamburg and its suburbs). Once babies grow out of a size, the set can be exchanged for the next size up, free of charge. Like Netflix for baby clothes. Lütte-Leihen’s 9 – 11 piece sets come in a limited range of neutral colours and patterns, and include everything from bodysuits and pyjamas to socks and hats. Pricing ranges from EUR 17 – 26 per month, depending on which set is selected. The clothing may be used, but it’s in great condition; the items are only used for a short while by each baby, and there’s not much wear and tear in the first six months. Moreover, most of the clothing provided by Lütte-Leihen is made from 100% organic cotton. Besides saving parents the expense of clothes that are only worn briefly, Lütte-Leihen’s service spares them the hassle of shopping for new items in a period when time is at a premium. One to set up locally, or on a larger scale? For more examples of rental services and fractional ownership, check out’s transumers briefing. (Related: Marketplace for P2P rental.) Spotted by: Susanna Haynie



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