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Buy a onesie, donate one to a baby in need


We’ve seen several “buy one, donate one” approaches to charity over the past few years, and recently one of our spotters alerted us to an initiative that brings the concept to baby clothing. Australian Baby Teresa manufactures and sells a variety of 100% cotton onesies for babies. Both short- and long-sleeved versions are available, priced beginning at AUD 29.95 including GST. For each one purchased, Baby Teresa donates another to a baby in need somewhere in the world. Following its September launch, the company’s first round of donations went to benevolent organisations in its home state of Tasmania that assist mothers with newborns in need; its second one, meanwhile, was in Uganda. Ultimately, Baby Teresa hopes to help clothe a baby in every country in the world. A shining example of Generation G benevolence, Baby Teresa currently seeks stockists as well as travellers planning to visit countries in need for the purposes of distributing donated suits. One to sponsor, emulate or otherwise get involved in…? (Related: Buy one house, give one freeMatching program doubles Kiva loansShoes for good.) Spotted by: Peter Wallhead



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