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Here’s an idea that was waiting to happen: Sonific provides ‘soundtracks for your digital life’, allowing users to select tracks from the company’s library (which contains thousands songs by independent artists and from record labels whose music has been licensed for this purpose), and then create their own ‘SongSpots’. Naturally, users can also upload music they’ve created themselves. SongSpots are flash-objects that stream the selected music and that can be quickly pasted onto websites, blogs, social network profile pages, eBay auctions, etc. Visitors not only hear the music, but can click on the SongSpot logo to find out more about the artist or purchase the music from affiliates such as iTunes. Sonific is a free service for non-commercial sites; affiliate deals and a paid service for commercial users have to bring in the money. With sites and personal pages increasingly incorporating multimedia streams, and discovery of new artists, new products, new *everything* being the trend du jour, Sonific cleverly delivers on both, without treading on copyright laws. Time to partner, or build the video-equivalent of this concept? And yes, making good on the ‘have it your way’ trend too, visitors CAN turn off the music 😉



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