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Balloon-enabled pizza picnic delivery

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We’ve seen cone-shaped pizzas, super-fast pizzas, pizza vending machines and pizzas on antique wheels, but it wasn’t until recently that we discovered balloon-enabled pizza picnics. Yes, that’s right–Parisian restaurant Pink Flamingo Pizza allows customers to order their pizzas for delivery to the picnic spot of their choice through the help of a distinctive pink balloon. Pink Flamingo, which has two locations–one in Canal St. Martin, and a new one in Marais–is already well-known in the city for its original and creative pizza varieties. “The Bjork,” for example, features smoked salmon; “The Ghandi” is topped with spinach saag and Baba Ganoush; and “The Almodovar” offers a paella theme. Even more charming, however, is that patrons of the restaurant can order their pizza for delivery to a picnic spot such as the banks of the nearby Seine. Upon ordering, they simply tell the restaurant where they plan to dine and are given a pink helium balloon to take with them. Pink Flamingo’s delivery staff–who travel by foot or bicycle–then spot the customer thanks to the eye-catching balloon. Prices for Pink Flamingo’s pizzas, whether delivered or eaten onsite, begin at EUR 10.50. For all those who thought there was nothing new under the sun in the world of pizza delivery–innovation strikes again! One to emulate in picnic-friendly cities around the globe. (Related: Beach barbecue on call.) Spotted by: Lamia Aloui



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