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Bamboo bikes made in Zambia, sold around the world

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Lusaka-based Zambikes are building bikes in Zambia for sale around the world through California-based Zambikes International.

After writing about two different bamboo bicycle projects in Africa in the past few years, we recently came across further evidence that the concept is catching on. Zambia is the focus this time, however, thanks to Zambikes, which builds bikes in that country for sale around the world. Unemployment is more than 50 percent in Zambia, and literacy is low. For the past three years, Lusaka-based Zambikes has been serving the Zambian community with “quality, life-changing transportation products and healthy training and development for their employees,” in the organization’s own words. Now, through California-based Zambikes International, Zambikes’ products are being offered for sale around the globe. The line of bamboo bicycles is available for worldwide delivery through Zambikes International’s online store — a complete single-speed bike costs USD 1,250 — with sales reps and demonstration outlets in six locations across the United States as well as a dealer in Capetown, South Africa. Also available from Zambikes are a cargo bike and a “Zambulance,” or bicycle ambulance trailer. It’s one thing to donate resources and supplies to the needy in developing nations, but setting up a full-fledged global industry there gives citizens a self-sustaining future. Socially minded entrepreneurs: one to sponsor or partner with! Spotted by: Greg Lankston



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