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Online tool gives musicians one-stop band management

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Music bands can tap an increasing number of technology tools these days, from services like Mobile Roadie for help creating a customised iPhone application to internet-enabled crowdfunding options like Sellaband and Kisskissbankbank. For generalized band management, there have been software packages like Indie Band Manager and online services like ReverbNation, but newly launched Bandize aims to offer the best of both words with a one-stop web application that gives bands, band managers and record labels a wide array of tools to help operate a band successfully. California-based Bandize helps bands take control of their careers by giving them an intuitive, simple way to get organized. The application offers a broad suite of band-specific DIY tools, including accounting, tour booking, contact management, merchandising, task assignments, social-network syncing, calendar, messaging and more. For managing shows and tours, for example, Bandize lets bands keep track of every date along the way, including earnings and accommodation. Printable day sheets and tour books, meanwhile, make sure everyone is on schedule. Its product management tool, on the other hand, helps bands track the merchandise they have and how much they’ve sold so far; it even alerts them when inventory in a particular product begins to run low. Every band member gets their own Bandize login, making it easy for bands to collaborate and access the tools with maximum flexibility. Pricing for Bandize is USD 15 per month per band, with discounts available for managers of multiple bands. Similar in many ways to the UK’s Band Central, Bandize recently announced a mobile version for the iPhone. Next, who will be first to integrate such tools with the crowdfunding capabilities, the iPhone app creators, the fan-recruitment tools and all the many other tech enablers that bands can use to set themselves apart…? (Related: Web developer focuses on farmsA custom, branded iPhone app for every restaurant.) Spotted by: John Greene



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