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These beautiful cardboard electronics are touch-activated

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NewFoldr offers open-source designs for everyday desktop accessories, which are made from corrugated cardboard and 100 percent recyclable.

Everyday, we see the emergence of a new gadget, a smart object, or a novel IoT device. But the amount of waste as a result of this relentless production seems to be at odds with the benefit to mankind the very objects are trying to create. Offering a solution, NewFoldr hosts open-source, beautifully designed, DIY cardboard gadgets, which let eco-conscious tech fanatics make new electronics without producing additional waste.

Products currently include a dim-able LED desktop lamp, a Bluetooth speaker and a set of desktop speakers. Each product uses touch sensors to turn on and off and includes small, modular circuit boards that are charged via micro USB cables. The circuit boards are modular and can be used multiple times in different devices. Users can also customize the gadget’s artwork, and personalize their own power switch icons.


NewFoldr says that their products are 100 percent recyclable. The team also releases all items under the Share Alike Creative Commons License, which allows anyone to use, adapt and distribute the design and product in any way. NewFoldr encourages makers to upload new or adapted designs to the website.

The startup is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Soon, the designs will be available for download so customers can supply their own cardboard and only have to buy the electronics aspect of the devices.

We recently saw a collective offer downloadable furniture designs that can be made locally. What other consumer items can adapt this open-source, DIY model?



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