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Beauty classes help prepare women for job interviews


French beauty brand Sephora launched Classes for Confidence in 85 stores across the United States, to help women re-entering the workforce.

As the latest strand in its social impact program, French beauty brand Sephora’s Classes for Confidence provide specialized beauty lessons for women making major life transitions. Designed specifically to help women re-entering the workforce after extended periods away, the classes teach more than just makeup application.

Partnering with local non-profit organizations, Sephora teams provide women with confidence and inspiration, as well as personalized step-by-step techniques for achieving a natural, professional look. Participants in the program also get to take home a selection of relevant Sephora products. Running through 2020, the program’s goal is to reach 100,000 women, with at least 200 classes held in 2016.

As well as providing consumers with almost every product imaginable to help make the most of their looks, the beauty industry is finding new ways to contribute to health and wellbeing. A mineral-tinted sunscreen blends into a broad range of skin tones, and a portable device monitors the condition of a user’s skin. How else could beauty treatments and processes provide additional health assessments and care?



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