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Beer cans that sleep two - the ultimate festival brand space

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In one of the more original interpretations of the brand spaces trend, Denmark’s Smukkeste Festival launched a novel concept for sleeping accommodations—oversized beer cans! The Can Sleep is a joint venture between the festival organizers and Royal Unibrew, Denmark’s second largest brewery. Standing at 11.5 ft (3.75) with a diameter of 7.2 ft (2.20 m), each unit is fully furnished with a table, chairs, shelves, pegs and a mirror, all by IKEA. A ladder leads to a loft-bed that comfortably sleeps two adults and offers a skylight view. In case that’s not enough for one’s stargazing desires, half the roof opens right up. Each Can Sleep also features a lockable door, electric light and a can-shaped refrigerator. Reservations for the 121 Can Sleeps produced for the 2005 festival sold out in just 40 seconds over the internet. While Royal Unibrew has exclusive rights within Denmark, Can Sleep is available to other sponsors outside of the country. Each is priced at about USD 4,000 each (not including delivery charges), with a minimum order of 54 cans (9 six packs). A fresh and fun way to advertise, Can Sleep is a great example of how meeting just the right customer need with a little creativity can pay big dividends in brand recognition. We could definitely see this one popping up at big events around the world. For more examples of innovative brand spaces, ranging from Nokia’s Silence Booths at music festivals to LG’s wash bar in Paris, check out’s free briefing. Spotted by: Jonas Hjorth



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