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Brandable sleeves help consumers mark their bottle of beer

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Evenings spent at a busy party or bar can often cause drinkers to lose track of their beverages. Wine drinkers already have wine charms to identify their glasses, and now — thanks to BeerTag — there’s an equivalent for beer drinkers too. The company claims that 32 percent of US beer drinkers resort to ripping the label of their beer bottle in order to mark it as their own in a social setting; 46 percent, meanwhile, choose a particular spot to set it down in so as to keep closer track of it. Chicago-based BeerTag, however, hopes to end all that with a distinctive — and even advertising-ready — sleeve that fits over the neck of a beer bottle to identify whose it is. Available in a variety of colors and designs, the BeerTag not only helps consumers protect their drinks, but it also “offers beer distributors a unique opportunity to promote their brands, directly onto a competitor’s product, in the on-premise environment,” in the company’s own words. Several designs are available as free downloads on BeerTag’s site; interested advertisers are encouraged to contact the company for a quote. Coming soon from BeerTag is a way for consumers to purchase their own BeerTags and even to create their own personalized tags. In the meantime, however, the company’s goal is “to make the BeerTag available as a free promotional product to consumers in over 10,000 bars in the U.S. within the next three years,” it says. One to partner with toward that end? (Related: Buy an exotic beer, donate to its country of originDigital photo booth uses free photos as brand marketing toolMore free love — now at the bar.) Spotted by: Sid Straus



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