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Being space for little monkeys

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Located in a loft-like 8,000 square foot Seattle warehouse, and created by two moms, Urban Monkeys is a being space for children and parents. Their tagline sums up what they offer: a jungle for kids, and an oasis for grownups. Children can go wild in movement, dance, music and yoga classes with names like ‘Run, Wiggle and Giggle’, ‘Jumping in the Jungle’ and ‘From Cobra to Down Dog’. Parents can join in for classes such as ‘Big Fun Family Yoga’, or retreat to a lounge that offers wireless internet access, a computer bar, all the latest magazines and newspapers, a full-service spa and a café. Whether they’re knee-high to a grasshopper or all grownup, urban dwellers need more innovative being spaces! Plenty of opportunities exist for creative entrepreneurs. Where’s the ultimate being space for teens, one that includes a quiet study room with homework help, as well as a gaming lounge? Want more examples? Check out what our sister publication refers to as being spaces, or read what we wrote about Paragraph, Village Quill and Two Rooms.


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