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Being space for mobile warriors | Update

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Much like the being spaces for mobile warriors that we previously featured (The Coffee Office in Canada and The Hubworking Centre in the U.K.), South African Habitaz offers flexible office space. A novel twist added by Habitaz is the pre-paid office card. While most of Habitaz’ lease plans are per month, their pre-paid GreenCard allows customers to rent space and facilities by the hour, minute or megabyte. A card costs ZAR 1,000 (USD 145 / EUR 115), and gives holders access to all of the facilities at Habitaz, each of which are charged by use. Facilities include open plan workspace that’s open 24/7, with free parking and ‘bottomless Ethiopian coffee’ (ZAR 22/hour), admin support and secretarial services (ZAR 19.74/15 minutes), phone calls, delivery services, etc. Everything is charged to the card, with real-time online billing to keep track of costs. When the card runs out of ‘GreenBucks’, it can be topped up for another ZAR 1,000. Habitaz is developing a network of furnished business centres, shared work spaces and meeting rooms in South Africa and all major business hubs in the rest of Africa. Perfect solution for travelling business people, virtual offices, and start-ups — a group that’s growing explosively in South Africa. Spotted by: Hein Koen As further proof that this concept has mileage, Australian Bureaux is also focusing on providing work space for mobile entrepreneurs. Selling point for this one? Style. Bureaux’ membership-based business lounges are beautifully designed and equipped, creating an inspiring and impressive location for members to get some work done, or to hold meetings with clients. A cross between an office and a private club, Bureaux not only offers highspeed internet access and photocopying, but also a library, bar and even showers. Bureaux’ first branch opened in 2005 in Sydney, with another branch in Melbourne now open, and one in Brisbane due to open in early 2007. The company will be rolling out national and international franchise plans during the next 12 months. In an alliance with Bureaux, American Express is offering its corporate credit card holders three free visits annually, as well as significant discounts on annual memberships. Smart move! Spotted by: Yvonne



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