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Hydration bottle

Belgian startup produces a smart bottle for better health and hydration


A bottle uses Bluetooth technology to tell you when you are properly hydrated

Spotted: A Belgian startup has created a smart bottle that helps you keep tabs on how much liquid you drink. The bottle, with its accompanying app, is the latest example of using smart technology to improve wellness. My_SmartBottle includes a sensor that measures your liquid intake in real time. The bottle can be filled with any drink, not just water, and uses Bluetooth technology to send that data to an app. The app monitors your fluid intake and alerts you when you should drink more (or less). It also collects data on the breakdown of minerals, nutrients and anti-oxidants you have consumed.

The company had a limited launch in February and plans bottle production in the autumn of 2019. My_SmartBottle is currently raising funds through the crowdsource site Indiegogo. The campaign ends on 2nd April 2019.




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