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Bespoke baby blankets

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When it comes to baby blankets, personalization usually means embroidering the baby’s name and birth date on the blanket—or possibly a lengthier passage of text, as in the case of Fill in the Blankie, which we covered last year. Scottish Studio Roam, however, has upgraded the notion another notch or two by offering bespoke baby blankets with the personalization knit right in. Launched last year, Studio Roam offers four baby blanket designs, each available in a choice of four colours in the softest Scottish cashmere. Blankets are 80 cm by 120 cm, and space is available for up to 18 characters of text, whether it’s the baby’s name and birthday or a personalized message. Each blanket is designed and produced to order in Studio Roam’s Galashiels micro factory, and pricing is GBP 275 each. Target delivery times are within 10 days of processing the order. Few things thrill us more than seeing upgrades get upgraded, particularly when there’s a healthy dose of premiumization and gravanity thrown in. Repeat this mantra: upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! Then stand back and watch the orders come in… 😉 Spotted by: Tim Leighton-Boyce



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