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Meeting notes drawn up by graphic artists

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There’s little doubt that taking minutes at a meeting can satisfy the barest demands of posterity. Whether the resulting document can inspire any but the driest of subsequent conversations, however, is another matter entirely. Bigger Picture is a Danish company that aims to help make meetings, workshops and conferences more effective by capturing what transpires in them visually rather than with words. Specifically, the company’s graphic artists distill the business data, information, knowledge and ideas presented at a meeting and transform it into a powerful visual presentation. The resulting picture can be in various formats—both analogue and digital—and for various purposes, including summarization, presentations or dialogues. Either way, the result can increase the value of the time spent at such events, the company says. Bigger Picture includes Ikea, Novo Nordisk, Kraft and the World Wildlife Fund among its list of clients. It seems safe to say that companies and organizations will always be on the lookout for better ways to capitalize on the exchange of ideas that meetings are intended to enable. For graphic designers and other artistic entrepreneurs, meanwhile, this could be a promising new line of work. Spotted by: Lori Webb



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