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Bike that can be adjusted as child grows

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The Orbea Grow series features adjustable parts, enabling young riders to make their bike bigger as they get older.

Following on from our recent coverage of the Audi e-bike Wörthersee, a bike that helps riders improve their performance, we’ve spotted a new range of two-weelers that could benefit younger learners. Spanish bicycle manufacturer Orbea has released its Grow series, which features parts that can be adjusted as the child gets bigger. Many bicycles comes with adjustable seats and handlebars to cater for different heights but the Orbea Grow adds to this an extendable crossbar, enabling users to easily alter the size and shape of the bike as children grow. Rather than spending money on a new model when kids outgrow the frame, parents can instead adjust their existing bike. This helps reduce waste, which benefits the environment, while young riders are encouraged to form a greater attachment to the item as they grow up with it. The bike is currently available in two versions – the Grow 1 at EUR 329, designed for kids aged between two and five-and-a-half, and the Grow 2 1V and 7V, for four to nine-year-olds, priced at EUR 342 and EUR 362 respectively. The company will be releasing the Grow 3 for children aged between eight and 14 years old in the near future. The following video shows the bike in action: With both money-saving and environmental advantages, the Orbea Grow is sure to be a hit amongst eco-conscious parents. What other products could benefit from a simple change to increase their longevity?



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