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This bike lock alerts emergency services if you have a cycling accident

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Skylock offers smart locking, theft prevention, and detects crashes and calls for help if it's serious.

In the past we’ve seen numerous efforts to bring smart technology to the world of cycling, such as Lock8‘s keyless security system that lets bike owners grant access to friends via their smartphones. Skylock is another device that offers smart locking and theft prevention, but with the added extra of detecting crashes and calling for help if it’s serious.

Skylock looks much like a typical U-lock, but features solar panels that power an array of sensors and transmitters inside. The lock connects to owners smartphones via Bluetooth LE, which enables users to secure their bike simply walking out of range. Alternatively, they can tap in their combination code using capacitive touch buttons. Users can also assign unlocking rights to their friends through the Skylock app. By connecting the lock to a local wifi network, the device also pushes notifications to owners’ phones if the on-board accelerometer detects that it’s being tampered with. It’s this same technology that’s used to identify a crash when cyclists are on the move again. Users can dismiss the alert on their phone if they’re ok, and the app automatically notifies emergency services if they’re not.

Watch the video below to find out more about Skylock:

Skylock is available to pre-order for USD 159. There seems to be no end to the innovations that are possible to make the cycling experience more enjoyable and safe. Are there any rocks left unturned?



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