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Bike stand doubles as tire pump

Mobility & Transport

There’s no doubt bicycles are going through a renaissance of sorts, as the dual pressures of gas prices and environmental concerns spur consumers to look for transportation alternatives. Makes perfect sense, then, to see a similar upward trend in bicycle-related paraphernalia and equipment. One bike innovation out of the Netherlands recently caught the attention of one of our spotters: a combination bike stand and tire pump. Designed by Studio HiMom, the Heklucht pump was originally developed for an art project in Ypenburg, a newly built Dutch neighbourhood. With the goal of stimulating neighbourhood interaction, eight of the stainless-steel units–available in multiple colours–were placed in front of eight Ypenburg houses. The Heklucht won a Dutch Design Award back in 2006 in the category of public space products, and has since been installed also in Gent, Vienna and Leeds, Studio HiMom says. Indeed, making life easier for bicyclists is a goal with increasing appeal around the globe, particularly when the solution blends strong functionality and attractive design. One to bring to the bike-friendly neighbourhoods near you….? (Related: Vending machines for bicycle parts.) Spotted by: Bjarke Svendsen



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