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Bikers avoid fines thanks to IoT bracelet


Italian startup WOOLF launches wristband that vibrates to help bikers avoid speeding.

Anticipation about the potential of wearable tech has often outgrown the reality of demand. Recent research predicts that the the market is most likely to take off in the area of health and wellbeing. Springwise has already covered inflatable airbag systems which are built into motorcycle and ski jackets, which will inflate upon collision. The latest wearable innovation comes from a Venice-based startup, WOOLF, in the form of a wristband designed for motorcyclists to ride safely.

The wristband, made from Italian leather and specifically designed to be compatible with motorcycle jackets and gloves, connects to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. The accompanying app uses global mapping services along with GPS to notify the wearer of speed controlled zones and speed measuring devices by vibrating. It can also be set to help customers avoid bus lanes and alert them to pedestrian crossings. Unlike cyclist wearables, which usually vibrate on one side to indicate a turn, WOOLF is designed to warn bikers about upcoming traffic controlled areas — the bracelet’s vibrations increase in frequency as users approach it.

WOOLF works in 65 countries, and is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, where pledgers can pre-order the band from EUR 99 for an estimated delivery of March 2017. The startup claims to “help bikers wave goodbye to expensive fines, license suspensions and harsh penalties.” Are there ways the IoT can be used to help enhance road safety?



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