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App instantly prices cars from registration plate photos

Mobility & Transport

Car buyers around the world have long been able to tap into online databases for the latest valuations. However, aiming to let soon-to-be car owners do a little of that research on the move, a new mobile app from can provide the estimated price of a car from a photo of its registration plate. Swedish website is a car price comparison site, which can tell visitors the value of a car — from the government registration database — once they enter the vehicle’s registration plate number. The app works in a similar way, presenting estimated values based on the car’s recent transaction history, with the major difference that it can recognize a car’s registration plate from a photo taken on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The app has details on over 9,000 car models and 80,000 model versions, and, as well as listing the cars estimated value, can deliver the technical specifications of the vehicle, run insurance cost comparisons. There is also the option to save cars that have caught the users attention as “favorites”. The app is currently available from the App Store for SEK 7. We’ve seen countless examples of consumers demanding more and more instant access to relevant information, a phenomenon highlighted by our sister site as part of the nowism trend. has combined a useful mobile search function with clever implementation of image recognition technology. One to keep an eye on! Spotted by: Johan Lofmark



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