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Bioplastic material

Biomaterial created in the fight against pollution


A new gelatin-based bioplastic can be used in a multitude of ways, including interiors and exterior builds.

Technology has embraced the fight against pollution, with the creation of a compostable water bottle to help prevent plastic pollution and concentrated cleaning materials that reduce waste in addition to being environmentally friendly. Now, a new bioplastic named Restology has been created to help reduce air pollution by making it into a design tool.

Restology is a gelatin-based bioplastic. A recipe was made including activated charcoal, pigskin gelatine, glycerine and water, with multiple bioplastic types available to create. This biomaterial has proven to be more advantageous than common bioplastics.

Its porosity makes it permeable to fluids and outside influences, its biodegradability makes it capable of being broken down, and its conductive and compostable. Its uses include indoors, as a modular system in walls and ceilings to absorb pollutants in interior spaces, and outdoors, providing an alternative facade system designed according to the required airflow. How could you incorporate such innovations into your office or home?



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