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Biometrically secure daily organizer for reliable privacy

Work & Lifestyle

Biometric design experts Fplife have introduced the Lockbook, a notebook and personal organizer secured by the fingerprint of the owner.

Currently raising funds on Indiegogo, the Fplife Lockbook is a modular personal organizer available in a range of colors and fabrics. Secured with the fingerprint of the owner, the Lockbook is lightweight, portable and designed to become an essential part of everyday life. Inside, a three-ring binder design makes it easy to store, add and refill paper and envelopes without having to buy a new notebook or organizer.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Lockbook is able to store two fingerprints and opens almost immediately upon recognition of the owner. Storage inside can fit small headphones and other accessories, and the organizer comes with a full set of desk stationary, including tear-out memo sheets and sticky notes. Shipment of first orders is planned for June 2017 with commercial production beginning soon after.

Interactive personal organization is increasingly necessary as more aspects of life are conducted online. City governments are using Tinder-style left and right swipes to consult on an area’s 20-year development plan, and leading online retailers are now providing a variety of business services, like this video conferencing application. What other regular administrative tasks, whether for work or personal use, could use an interactivity upgrade?




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