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Personalised 3D printed pills

Biotech firm designs a 3D pill printer to dispense personalised pills


UK group's 3D printer makes pills that match individual needs

Spotted: UK-based FabRx is developing and testing a 3D printer to create personalised pills (they call them printlets) on site at hospitals. The printer could solve a major problem. Most medicines are available in set strengths and sizes. This makes it difficult to customise pills to patients’ individual needs. This is especially problematic with children. Young patients sometimes receive too much or too little medication because only adult pills are available.

Academics from University College London founded FabRx in 2014. To date, FabRx has tested the printer in one hospital in Spain and developed a variety of 3D printed medications. FabRx is in the process of selecting more beta test users.

Its design is modelled on a 3D candy printer developed by Katjes UK – Magic Candy Factory. InnovateUK has granted FabRx €695,000 (£600,000) in government funding.




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