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Bladeless wind turbine that’s quiet and efficient

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The Saphonian bladeless wind turbine generates double the energy output of conventional turbines, and does so silently.

Wind turbine technology is going through somewhat of a golden age — in the past couple of months we have seen the world’s first floating wind farm, and plans for a wind-powered amusement park. Now, Saphon Energy has designed a novel bladeless turbine.

The Saphonian wind turbine moves in a ‘3D knot’ system to generate electricity — its solid convex surface works like a boat’s sail. With tests demonstrating an energy conversion rate of up to 80 percent, the turbine’s power output is double the average of conventional bladed turbines. A bladeless system also circumvents many classic wind turbine drawbacks, cutting noise pollution and the danger of rotating blades to wildlife. Saphon Energy are currently seeking partners while further developing their current prototype.

Following on from the recent COP21 climate talks, alternative technologies such as wind energy will play a pivotal role in future energy production. What urban spaces could benefit from silent turbines?



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