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Blockchain toothbrush | Photo source Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

Blockchain toothbrush brushes teeth and mines cryptocurrency

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A new toothbrush uses blockchain technology and more to mine for coins as you brush your teeth.

A Chinese oral health company, 32Teeth, is developing a toothbrush that rewards good dental hygiene with cryptocurrency. Currently crowdfunding on the JD Finance platform, the product uses blockchain technology, sensors, big data and facial recognition to clean teeth.

One feature of the toothbrush is its crypto-mining ability. Users earn AYA tokens – 爱牙币, which translates to ‘love teeth coins’ – as they brush their teeth. AYA tokens are exchangeable for dental products and services such as hygiene treatments, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The company also offers a toothbrush app that allows users to record and analyse their brushing activity. Additionally, the app can identify the cleanliness level of teeth and includes an augmented reality tool that shows how a user brushes their teeth.

With an algorithm that can mine cryptocurrency and an app that analyses how well users brush their teeth, 32Teeth’s blockchain toothbrush transforms the everyday experience of brushing teeth. Its reward system encourages oral hygiene and its application of technology lets users record and track their brushing behaviour.

We have previously published innovations in oral hygiene products such as this eco-friendly, biodegradable  toothbrush. Another example is this toothbrush that uses music and games to encourage longer brushing. And now, blockchain technology is being applied to toothbrushes to enhance their capabilities. What other everyday items will benefit from applying blockchain technology?




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