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Tool removes past flames from one’s social networks

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Breaking up is hard to do, as the saying goes; what can be even more difficult, however, is removing all traces of an ex from one’s social network. That’s where Block Your Ex comes in, with a tool that’s specially designed to extract even the most stubborn evidence of past relationships gone bad from an otherwise pristine online existence. Designed by Washington, DC creative agency JESS3, the Ex-Blocker needs only the offending ex’s name along with his or her Twitter identity, Facebook page and blog URL. From there, the tool wipes that person right out of the user’s online life. For each user, the Ex-Blocker will block up to five exes for free. More than 7,800 exes are currently being blocked thanks to the tool. We’ve already seen ways to sell the gifts past flames have given us and ways to cheer ourselves up once a romance has ended; somehow, ex-removal in a social networking context seems like the logical next step. Now, if only the same capabilities could be brought to the offline world — augmented reality, anyone? 😉 Spotted by: Bjorn Verbrugghe



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