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Blogger helps connect consumers and brands

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Almost a year ago we wrote about, a blog that helps food manufacturers distribute samples of their products to bloggers with influential voices. Working on much the same theme, WIN it gIRL is a new site gearing up for launch this spring that aims to connect consumers and brands. WIN it gIRL will be a free, monthly e-mail newsletter and blog that features articles and reviews about the latest topics in style, wellness, living, technology and travel. Partner manufacturers will send samples of their latest products to WIN it gIRL, who will review them on her blog. Readers will then be directed to participating blog sites for details about exclusive monthly contests, through which they have a chance to win said products. Those who win will then be given the option to keep their prizes, or to donate them to their favourite charity. The website explains: “WIN it gIRL is more of a social experiment than a typical promotions company, in that it is free to its readers and its partners. A scrappy and money-conscious consumer, WIN it gIRL created her website to not only benefit from the featured products and services, but to allow other women and organizations to do the same. As an added value, WIN it gIRL allows brands to reach their target market in an effective and cost-saving manner.” Indeed, traditional advertising is struggling, to put it mildly. Provide a good alternative, and you’ll create benefits for brands, consumers—and you! WIN it gIRL currently seeks partner blogs and brands for its upcoming launch. One to get in on early….?



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