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Location-aware album creates unique listening experience

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Innovations in the music industry continue to come thick and fast. No sooner had we finished our article on DATAROCK’s new USB single, held inside a diamond shaped toy figurine, than we heard about US-based Bluebrain’s latest endeavor. The Washington duo’s new album — The National Mall — will take the form of a location aware app for the iPhone. The album-app — recorded at Iguazu Sound and mastered by Steven Berson — responds to the listener’s location as they journey down the Mall in Washington DC. As users approach tagged locations, the audio content of the album will alter to interact with the environment, thus creating a unique listening experience every time the album is played en-route. Whilst users have no direct control over the album, and are unable to alter the levels, melodies or instrumentation through any controls, the idiosyncrasies of their journey will change the way the album is experienced, with different melodies, rhythms, instrumentation and songs appearing depending on the listener’s location. The app — soon to be available for Apple’s App Store — will also feature a map, designed by Dan Jones of YASLY, which will serve as a visual aid to the album whilst not becoming a prescriptive guide. For Bluebrain, this album is simply the start, with plans to release similar location-aware works for Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York in the summer, followed by an album to be experienced whilst journeying along California’s Highway 1. Location-based technology is increasingly incorporated into products and services far and wide. If you haven’t already, this is one to try for yourself! (Related: Norwegian band releases USB single inside a toy figurineLocation-based stories immerse users via mobile appLocation-based guide for books and literary events.) Spotted by: Judy McRae



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