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Bank's free tools help clients pay down their debt

Financial Services

Credit card debt is an all-too-familiar topic for all too many consumers. While the US government is working on its own solutions to that problem, Chase Card Services recently rolled out a new set of tools designed to help its customers manage their debt better. Chase Blueprint offers free tools consumers can use to pay down balances, manage everyday spending and pay off major purchases. Going well beyond simply helping users analyze their spending, Blueprint is fully integrated into customers’ accounts, enabling them to create customized payment plans—changeable without penalty—and track their progress on every statement, literally spelling out “sofa” or “new laptop”. The offering’s Full Pay feature, for example, allows customers to decide which expenses they want to pay in full every month and set those purchases aside so as to avoid interest charges by paying them in full each month. Blueprint’s Finish It tool, meanwhile, gives customers the flexibility to create a plan to pay down their current balance faster, allowing them to choose a goal payoff date. Chase does the math, calculates the monthly payments, sets up the plan and charts customers’ progress toward achieving their goal on each monthly statement and online. Available to the 20 million or so users of the Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire, Slate and Ink cards, the new Blueprint service is the result of a customer survey indicating that consumers want more control over their finances. Gordon Smith, CEO of Chase Card Services, explains: “Given today’s economic environment, the kind of flexibility and control that Blueprint offers is especially important. Blueprint enhances Chase’s partnership with our customers by helping them better manage their finances—setting them up for long-term success. This strengthens our relationship with our customers and helps make Chase their card of choice.” Indeed, with its focus on the challenges currently faced by many credit consumers, Blueprint is one part proactive perk and one part sympathy for those heavily burdened with debt. The lesson? Never forget that tough times are an opportunity to show you care!



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