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Board game makes discussions about arranged marriages easier

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A new game hopes to help women and girls gain confidence by confronting cultural struggles, arranged marriages and potential impacts.

Gender equality is a topic which has achieved progress, but is still heavily in debate as violence and economic disparities towards women and girls are still ongoing around the world. Many innovators are looking to technology for solutions that help women stay safe as well as provide them with the platforms for becoming economically independent. A new adhesive wearable can detect assault and alerts a users’ network of contacts when activated, and a new crowdfunding platform is specifically for women entrepreneurs in certain developing countries.

For the millions of women and girls at risk of unwanted marriage, a new board game called Arranged brings a lighthearted approach to serious discussions about the practice. Players try to avoid an aunty’s matchmaking by revealing behaviors or taking part in activities of which she would disapprove. The game’s goal can also become a race to marry the most eligible bachelor.

Having risked familial disapproval by leaving Pakistan to pursue higher education in the United States, the game’s creator, Nashra Balagamwala, wants to make her experiences more common for many other young women. She hopes that by simply having more conversations about the practice, women will become more aware and confident of their options and opinions. How else could societal customs that are resistant to change be broached through play?




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