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Bold for bald

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As a dedicated head-shaver, Abe Minkara tried every shaving product on the market, but none of them worked as well as he wanted. Discovering an underserved segment in the growing male grooming market, Minkara developed his own formula. His new company, Bold For Men, specializes in innovative skincare products for head-shaving men. (Why Bold? ” We believe that the modern head-shaven man is not bald but rather bold.”) Designed for use on dry skin, DryShave Gel promises a closer and smoother shave. It’s non-foaming, making it easy for users to see where they’re shaving. The product contains essential oil extracts that warm and prep the skin, and natural anti-irritant and antiseptic ingredients that reduce the risk of razor-burn. It doesn’t include any of irritants commonly found in men’s shaving products, such as alcohol, menthol, mint or camphor. Bold For Men claims to be the first high-end grooming product to be marketed to head-shaving men. The only other comparable product we could find was HeadSlick by HeadBlade, so there seems to be room for a bit of healthy, hairless competition. Bold for Men’s DryShave Gel (4 oz., USD 20.00) will be available for purchase starting 20 December 2006, and the company is interested in hearing from distributors and retailers. Contact: Abe Minkara,



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