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Artisan lip balms by monthly subscription


The subscription model seems to be spreading like wildfire! Hardly a week goes by without our spotting at least one new subscription-based business, and this week was no exception. The concept this time around? Artisan lip balm, with a new one sent to the consumer’s door each month. UK-based Bonbon sells a wide variety of attractively packaged lip balms made using only natural ingredients such as shea butter and plant oils; where possible, it chooses organic and fair-trade ingredients. What’s particularly interesting about the company, however, is that rather than sell its 3.5g lip balms individually online or through brick-and-mortar stores, it has chosen to offer them up by monthly subscription only. For GBP 5 per month, the company will send consumers a new flavoured lip balm 12 times a year; with flavours like caramel and mojito, its current line features limited-edition jar labels created by designer Jack Featherstone. Bonbon currently delivers only within Europe, where shipping is free. One to partner with or emulate for lip balm fans in other parts of the world…? (Related: Limited-edition art by yearly subscriptionHigh-end beauty samples by curated subscriptionLuxury women’s panties by curated subscriptionSubscription service for men’s underclothesMen’s skincare by subscription, in two seasonal kitsMore baked goods by subscription, now in the UKSustainable baked goods by weekly subscription — Handpicked shoes by monthly subscriptionHandmade greeting cards by monthly subscriptionRazor blades by subscription, delivered to the door.)



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