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Book popularity analytics for publishers

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CoverCake enables readers to find new books while also offering publishers and retailers a quick and thorough analysis tool.

Just a couple of months ago we saw Chicago-based ShelfLuv help literary-lovers discover new books by suggesting similar reads based on their search criteria, complete with reader reviews. Similarly, CoverCake in California also enables readers to find new material, this time using a database containing reviews featured in popular media, while also offering publishers and retailers a quick and thorough analysis tool. CoverCake was created so users could browse or search for books that have appeared on TV shows, radio programmes and blogs, or won awards. This information can be accessed free via the website or iPad app, with a premium app available for Android with additional capabilities. These include highlighting which books are being talked about most online, which can then be filtered by genre, plus book recommendation features that help users find and keep track of books. Meanwhile, noticing the thousands of literature-related comments left on social media sites by readers, CoverCake creators realized how publishers and the book retail industry would benefit from a simple analytics tool to measure this data, and hence the CoverCake book trending platform was launched last month. The data can be used to monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, author appearances and media features. Peer and professional recommendations play an important role in consumer purchase decisions, and CoverCake are unique in the way they offer industry-specific data that addresses the needs of both end-users and businesses in this area. A model worth exploring in other sectors? Spotted by: Todd Gibson



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