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Unique typeface brings blind and non-blind readers together

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Mr. Light and Mr. Dark is a kids’ book from Thailand that uses a typeface combining regular text and Braille so readers of all abilities can share the experience.

Regular readers of Springwise may remember that we recently wrote about The Bradley, a watch designed to work for both blind and non-blind people. Taking that concept further, a new kids’ book from Thailand called Mr. Light and Mr. Dark uses a typeface that combines regular text and Braille so readers of all abilities can share the experience.

Developed for the Thailand Association of the Blind by BBDO Asia, the book is described as a ‘Storybook For All Eyes’ and follows the story of Mr Dark, who loses his friend Mr Light. The book is printed in a dotted typeface that incorporates the Braille symbols for each letter within the text. Additionally, each illustration is embossed so that blind readers can get a better idea of what the characters look like by feeling the page. The design enables children with sight to read the book alongside blind readers, helping them to share the activity rather than having to do it separately. The video below explains more about the project:


In an age where e-readers and touchscreen technology don’t cater for the visually impared, print design such as Mr. Light and Mr. Dark are helping to treat kids of all abilities as equals. Which raises the question – are there ways electronic publishing could achieve similar success?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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