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Dating site lets women call the shots

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There are almost infinite variations on the online dating theme, but one we hadn’t seen until recently was a site that puts women in charge. Sure enough, that’s just what Bookioo does, giving women complete control as they browse through the profiles of eligible men. Now in beta, Spanish Bookioo does not give men any way to learn about or contact the female members of the site. Men can join for free, if they have been invited—and if a current Bookioo member can vouch for their information. They can then post a profile for the perusal of the female—and paying—members of the site. It’s those paying women, however, who get to call the shots. Female members see all the details in men’s profiles—including ratings and comments from other Bookioo members—and it’s also up to them to initiate contact with the ones they find interesting. They can request double-dates for added security, if they wish; also available is the option of connecting with other women on the site. Female members are charged EUR 35.90 for three months or EUR 59.90 for six months to keep their profiles private; if, after a free seven-day trial, they decide not to join, they can keep using the site with a public profile. Bookioo is currently available in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Valencia. Time to spread female fever and bring a like-minded offering to the lonely hearts in your neck of the woods? (Related: DNA-driven dating serviceBest Buy launches store for and by womenWork spaces for female entrepreneurs.) Spotted by: Leticia Pérez Prieto



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