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More cards promoting random acts of kindness

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We’ve featured several concepts that promote acts of kindness, including KIND Snacks’ series of KINDED cards. For those not yet convinced, comes yet another spotting: California-based Boom Boom! Cards. Named for the karmic notion that every good deed comes back to its performer, boomerang-style, Boom Boom! Cards exist to inspire altruism. Available in packs of 26, the artistically designed cards each specify a particular act of kindness. It might be something as simple as saying “please” and “thank you” in every interaction over the course of a day, or it might be something more tangible, like buying a stranger a cup of coffee. There’s also a pack aimed at teens that focuses on family, friends and school. Either way, users begin by registering their deck and performing the specified kind acts, one at a time. Each time they do, they give the card away to someone else and then write about their experience on the Boom Boom! website. Users can upload photos and video to help tell their story, and the site’s mapping feature allows them to follow each card and see where their kindness spreads. Since the site’s launch into beta almost a year ago, more than 2,600 “agents of altruism” have joined what the company calls “the uprising of guerrilla goodness.” Each deck of Boom Boom! Cards is priced at USD 9.99; of that price, 5 percent is donated to iSpot Compassion and 5 percent goes to the charity of the purchaser’s choice. Boom Boom! Cards are currently available both online and from select California and Minnesota retailers. Time to start proving that virtue really is its own reward! 😉 (Related: Online game focuses on real-world kindnessClothing brand asks its wearers to be kindRandom acts of kindness for Hyatt’s most loyal guests.) Spotted by: Michael Corrales



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