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Brainwave helmet

Brainwave-reading helmet creates personal symphony

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Experience Helmet reads brainwaves and plays matching binaural sounds that help induce a focused, meditative state.

We’ve seen a set of headphones that will read users’ brainwaves and play a song to fit their mood. Using similar technology, the Experience Helmet creates unique sounds to help users become more aware of their emotional state.

Designed by London-based artist Aiste Noreikaite, the device, resembling a motorcycle helmet, is fitted with headphones and an EEG brainwave sensor. The EEG turns brain activity into data, and produces sounds based on the user’s focus levels. The two outlets produce binaural 10Hz soundwaves at slightly different frequencies, and changes in pitch when attention switches. By sending audio back to the brain, the helmet lets the wearer know it is in control of the sound — this back and forth enables the brain to balance its surroundings, inducing a meditative state.


Though an art project, the Experience Helmet could encourage users to be more aware of their emotional state, and perhaps find a place in mindfulness therapy.



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