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Crowdsourcing of graphic design goes local

Fashion & Beauty

We’ve written about various ventures that connect businesses with ‘crowds’ of graphic designers. Most work with contests, meaning that only the winning designer is paid for his or her efforts. While companies like Crowdspring, CustomAdArt and 99designs (formerly SitePoint) tap into a global pool of pro-amateur or underemployed professional designers, a company in the Netherlands recently launched a local version, focusing on Dutch-speaking clients and designers. Like its international brethren, Brandsupply works with contests that run for 7 or 14 days. Clients outline a project and set the price they’re willing to pay, after which designers can submit their suggested solutions. The downside of a national approach is obvious: a smaller pool of talent to draw on. But for clients who don’t feel comfortable communicating in English, or who need designers to be able to understand and incorporate local customs and tastes, local crowdsourcing marketplaces make sense. One to try out in your part of the world? Spotted by: Berend Schmit



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