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Brave new retail world


Yet another fashion/lifestyle brand has discovered the promise of virtual worlds and virtual retail, in this case dressing virtual inhabitants: American Apparel (the sweat-shop free apparel phenomenon) will open its virtual doors tomorrow (Saturday, 17 June 2006). The store, set on a private island within Second Life, was designed by Aimee Weber, a Second Life resident and designer, in conjunction with American Apparel’s own architect. The store will sell 20 familiar American Apparel items for avatars, including the women’s jersey polo dress. The company will charge a token sum of about USD 1 per item. It’s (surprisingly!) the first ‘real world’ retailer to set up shop in Second Life. Want more? Our sister site will cover a myriad of new branding and ecommerce initiatives in virtual worlds in its upcoming ‘YOUNIVERSAL BRANDING’ briefing, but in the meantime, start exploring new opportunities for yourself: signing up for would be a logical first step. Oh, and you don’t have to be in fashion for this one: avatars need banking, cars, homes, furniture and everything else you’re already selling in meat-space. Have fun!



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